Inspiring cashless philanthropy.

GM&F Ventures is a new registered* non-profit organization operating in the USA under 501 (c)(3) status and in Canada under CRA charitable regulations.

*Registrations pending

We work with donors to encourage non-cash gifts – so that impact is multiplied creating a legacy of hope for others..

Our focus is to encourage donors to give out of their abundance, specifically in the area of non-cash asset gifts — to help accelerate growth and impact of faith-based non-profits.

Founded by George Glover, President and Darryl McCullough CCIM, Senior Advisor, we’re a team of professionals with specialized knowledge and expertise in asset gifts of vacant land, houses, cottages, apartments, shopping malls… and more.

of wealth is in 
non-cash assets.
(USA & Canada)

more impact is achieved by giving a non-cash gift to a non-profit.

of your donation can go to the nonprofit of your choice, vs the tax-man/woman.

Discover tax-smart giving that maximizes your philanthropic impact today.

    Our team has over 80 years’ direct experience

    with donations of real estate gifts, private company share donations and other types of asset gifts to help various faith-based charitable causes. We provide** real estate, tax, legal and financial advisement paired with a deep understanding of the non-profit sector.

    ** Tax and legal advice are provided by licensed professionals in the state or jurisdiction in which they are legally allowed to practice. At all times, we recommend that you seek independent tax and legal advice prior to proceeding with any gift-of-asset transaction.

    Darryl McCullough

    For over 40 years Darryl has been a real estate professional in Canada and the United States.

    He has actively structured and organized complex real estate transactions involving acquisition, disposition, finance, and consulting.

    He brings a unique, personal client-centered approach to his endeavours and demonstrates a keen ability to successfully work complex transactions for the benefit of diverse clients with specialized interests.

    George Glover

    George Glover is the founder and former CEO of Teen Challenge Canada. 

    Under his leadership, he transformed a single site to a national multi-site organization for faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation. George’s leadership produced millions of dollars in donations through innovative and traditional fundraising methods—including gifts of real estate.

    George now dedicates his time to helping faith-based nonprofits across the USA and Canada grow their ministries to improve sustainability and achieve greater impact in lives and communities. 

    He welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about GMF Ventures and how you can make a greater impact in this world through giving from your abundance. 
    “The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”

    Proverbs 10:22

    Most families in the USA and Canada

    make their charitable contributions in cash — leaving behind many benefits for themselves and their chosen non-profits.

    Let us help you establish a charitable legacy to help great faith-based causes through smart gifts of appreciated real estate and other cashless assets.

    Real estate
    gifts can help
    change lives.

    Individually and corporately, we who live in the USA and
    Canada live in blessed countries and have benefitted greatly from hard work and a good economic environment.

    As age slowly creeps up on each of us, we often stop and consider the ultimate future home of our assets. A gift a real estate could be a game-changer to help a non-profit who
    aligns with your vision and values.

    Making a charitable gift of real estate can help turn your prosperity gains into community transformation.

    Where will the
    funds be used?

    Our faith-based client base is wide and diverse.
    Here are some sectors we
    help through gifts of assets:

    Why give a gift of an appreciated asset?

    Think about your portfolio with various gift options such as:

    GM&F Ventures has the resources and expertise for evaluating, processing, and liquidating non-cash asset donations such as real estate.

    Most importantly, we’re committed to doing more for great faith-based causes to advance their impact in their field of calling.

    Start your process today for making a lasting impact for generations to come.